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MIND sources are hosted on GitHub MIND-Tools organization. To contribute to MIND technology and core tools, follow the MIND development process document.

mindc documentation

mindc is a modular and extensible architecture compilation tool-chain that can be used to compile component-based applications from their architectural descriptions (ADL files).

User Guide

The mindc User Guide gives a description of:

  • the ADL and IDL languages used to describe the architecture of an application;
  • the coding conventions that must be followed in the C code,
  • the use of the mindc tool-chain.

This document is available in multiple versions:

Technical documentation

The mindc Technical documentation contains various generated reports based on the mindc source code. It includes javadoc, highlighted source-code, test-coverage and various maven reports

MindEd documentation

MindEd is an Eclipse-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for fractal MIND applications.
MindEd provides for ADL, IDL and CPL files :

  • a textual editor with auto-completion, syntaxic and semantic coloring, Eclipse's quick-fix system among other features.
  • a specialised navigator to handle project exploration, which automatically manages paths and makefile.
  • a graphical editor for a visual representation and edition of mind's components.

Technical documentation

MindEd is an Eclipse plug-in created with three modeling frameworks (code generation facilities) developped by the Eclipse Project :

  • Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) generates a structured data model (more info here)
  • Textual Modeling Framework (TMF Xtext) generates a text editor based on a given grammar (more info here)
  • Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) generates a graphical editor based on and EMF metamodel, both for edition and visualisation (more info here)

Reference Documentation

The specification of the Fractal component model is presented in the The Fractal Component Model document.

Mailing List

Questions, comments, ideas, etc. related to MIND can be posted on the MIND mailing list.

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